HiFiDo Live Camera!

HiFiDo Live Camera!

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Hi-Fi Do Live Camera!
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We accept the payments by "Credit Card" or "Bank transfer".

Please choose the one on order form.

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EMS,Fedex etc.

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Hi-Fi Do One and Two Year Warranty :

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All items are listed on the website and update everyday. Please check it out
and feel free to ask us anything about them.

Email to : https://secure.hifido.co.jp/eask.php

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We can ship any items to overseas. Feel Free To Call Or Email !! Phone:816-6561-2400 (9:30AM to 17:45PM) Staff:Munetika Kurohiji. _________________________ Click here for shop addresses.

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We can repair the items.
Amplifiers/Speakers/Cartridges/Mark Levinson modules etc.

Please feel free to ask us about the details.

Please ask by email.